About Strength Level


Strength Level exists to make you stronger by helping you to understand how strong you are compared to other lifters.

Our standards apply to different bodyweights and ages so that you get a fairer comparison of your performance. By understanding your performance, you can adjust your goals to gain muscle/lose fat.

We set standards based on what people put into the calculator. This allows us to provide standards that do not exist anywhere else on the web. We carefully judge each lift and lifter to see if we should include that lift when calculating the standards.


Strength Level was founded in 2007 by Michael Clark. Back in 2007, Michael could not judge whether his performance was improving at the same pace as his bodyweight was increasing. At that time there weren't any good relative strength calculators except for the published standards on exrx.net. Strength Level took the same idea and allowed you to rate yourself at any bodyweight for 5 core barbell exercises.

More recently, Strength Level has been expanded to more types of exercises like dumbbell, cable and bodyweight. There are over 30 exercises and standards are self-generated by looking at what users enter into the calculator.


Michael Clark is the founder and developer on Strength Level. He has a masters degree in Computer Science from Cambridge University and many years of professional development experience. You can get in touch with him via the Facebook page.

We have received a lot of tips and advice from both friends and users. Thanks for explaining where we can improve. We will keep trying to give you the best experience possible.